Voice Demos

Sylvia Aimerito smooth, resonant and sharp
Bobbin Beam approachable, warm, and versatile
Maria Beck trustworthy, caring, confident
Angela Chee upbeat, crisp and professional
Jessica Courter scratchy, youthful and hip
Melissa Disney Animation
Elizabeth Dreyfuss international, sophisticated, yet not stuffy
Vivian Ecclefield commanding yet approachable, trustworthy, excellent narration
Leah Ellsworth young, catchy and upbeat
Annrae Fitzgerald upbeat, friendly, and authentic
Lexi Fontaine young, cute and real
Linda Fontaine Animation
Commercial - rich, compassionate and smart
Nicole Franco youthful, energetic and fun
Bobbi Frant Commercial
Ashley Gardner Commercial
Karen Grosso Commercial
Deanna Hurst versatile... from sexy to sophisticated
Astra Kelly young, hip, and sexy
Quinn Kitmitto youthful, upbeat, and perky
Hannah Logan warm and appealing with a charming hint of character
Danielle Lo Presti breathy, sincere and fun
Deborah Marlowe Commercial - versatile and mature
Narration - professional and credible
Megan Molloy smart, confident, relatable
Sariann Monaco natural, confident, upbeat, caring and convincing
Jenn Morris Commercial - versatile, genuine and heartfelt
Kim Morrison articulate, accessible and energetic
Sue Norberg a riot of a voice; versatile and hilarious
Matilda Novak soft and expressive
Stacey Paige hip, sexy, real
Frances Powell Commercial - versatile...from youthful and friendly to sexy and knowledgeable
Bekka Prewitt young and energetic with a sensual warmth
Holly Rone youthful, crisp, natural, and light
Jodina Scazzola Commercial
Candy Silva Commercial
Leslie Wadsworth Commercial - breezy, comfortable, reassuring
Rosemary Watson Animation
Beth Wernick Commercial - dynamic, fluid and articulate
Carol Wyand Commercial