Become Talent

Thank you for your interest in Shamon Freitas. We’re a full‑service agency offering representation to actors, models, voiceover talent, and spokespersons who live in Southern California. Our contracts are exclusive to San Diego County.

Note: Our submissions process is online only. We do not accept walk‑ins or have open calls. Please do not contact us asking whether we have received your materials. We will contact you if we would like to schedule an interview.


Email your materials to

Please email 2-4 photos only as JPEG attachments. Photos should be no larger than 800 pixels in height or width. Shamon Freitas will only accept files that are smaller than 1 MB. If these guidelines are not followed, the email will be deleted without being viewed.

Actors: Please submit a current headshot, link to a demo reel, and resume as a PDF or Microsoft Word file. If you don’t have a demo reel, please submit a self‑taped monologue of your choice.

Models: Please submit a current modelling portfolio or current snapshots. Include at least one full body shot, a headshot (showing teeth), and a profile shot. Let us know your age and height.

Voice-Over Artists: Please submit a commercial demo reel as an MP3, with production quality comparable to those featured on our website.

We will contact you to schedule a meeting if we are interested. Please do not call the agency to see if we have received your materials. Submissions may take six to eight weeks to process, but we will get back you either way. If you are not contacted for an interview, you may resubmit in six months, as our needs do change.

Special Instructions for Children

Children age 5 to 17 years: If your child has a current professional photo and resume, please send them to us to be considered for representation. If your child does not have a professional photo and resume, current snapshots are acceptable. Include a smiling photo (showing teeth), the child's date of birth (not age), height, weight, and guardian contact information. Please see work permit information below.

Children under age 5: We do not sign children under the age of five to exclusive contracts. We do welcome current photos of your child, which will be kept on file for the period of time that the child resembles the photo. Please update us with current photos as your child grows. We encourage you to send us recent snapshots by email with the child's name, date of birth (not age), height, weight, clothing size and guardian contact information. Please see work permit information below.

Work permits: Any minor working in the entertainment business in the State of California is required to have a valid entertainment work permit (good for a six‑month period and renewable by mail). The permit can be obtained via the online application process, by mail, or in person from the Labor Board at 7575 Metropolitan, Room 210, San Diego, CA 92108. The form you will need to fill out can be downloaded from If your child is school-age, the school will also need to sign the form. Though we cannot guarantee that your child will be selected to work, we strongly encourage you to keep a valid permit in the event of a booking.