We are happy to provide website links for the following talent and partners:

Actors  |  Voice Talent  |  Spokesperson  |  Models  |  Runway Coach  |  Acting Classes
Video Production  |  Sound Studios  |  Photographers  |  Make-Up Stylists  |  Fashion Stylists
Sports and Fitness Consultant  |  Printers for Headshots & Zed Cards



Voice Talent



Runway Coach

Jim Crawford   619-550-9422

Acting Classes

Actors Workshop Studios
Brook Byler
D. Candis Paule
Gray Studios
Terry Ross
Carey Scott's Rehearsal Room
WCI Studios

Video Production

Cinema Viva  

Sound Studios

Rick Bowman
Alicia Champion
Bill Corkery
Jon St. John


Photography By Autumn
Greg Crowder Photography
Robert Dahey
Jonah Gilmore
Ericka Givens (Child Photographer)
James Maciariello
Matthew McFarland
Chip Morton
Mike Regala
Holly Rone
Emily Sandifer
Tilden Photo
Ken Weingart
Wander Aguiar Photography
Wanderland Photography for Kids
Ken Weingart
Steve Wetherbee
Gary Wise Photography

Make-Up Stylists

Fashion Stylists

Sports and Fitness Consultant

Printers for Headshots & Zed Cards

Please contact us to book any of these professionals.
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