Voice Demos

Brett Anderson approachable and wonderfully comedic
Tim Andrews distinctive and resonant with a hint of a gravely tone
Mark Alyn Commercial
Sam Bass Commercial - distinctive, personable
Corporate - mature, resonant
Mike Bell Commercial - authoritative, articulate
Narration - commanding, smooth
Weston Boucher deep, rugged, sexy
Bob Brauer a warm, approachable announcer voice; friendly but with drive
Chuck Buell Commercial - wide range of voices, distinctive
Narration - clear, corporate expression
Bill Corkery friendly, smooth and animated
Randy Davison friendly and versatile
Greg Dehm midrange, resonant and pleasing
Kim Delgado Commercial - real, personal and energetic
Afro-American - versatile, catchy
Charles Harrington Elster distinguished, polished, and compelling
Jeff Gelder Commercial
Phil Gerbracht Commercial - powerful, compelling, passionate, contemporary, edgy
Narration - compelling, reassuring, authoritative, knowledgeable
TV Narration - captivating, commanding, awe-inspiring, precise
Jay Ginsberg versatile, warm, announcer
Nick Gismondi young and sophisticated
Max Goldberg Commercial - big and versatile, driven announcer to regular guy
Casey Hayes listenable, likeable, believable and funny
Matt Howell Commercial
Matt Hurwitz cartoonish characters with bravado
J.R. Jaus young, dynamic, and relateable
C.S. Keys versatile, warm and dynamic
Scott Kovacik authoritative, articulate and urgent
David J. Lawrence Commercial - full and deep, with a hint of country
Narration - commanding and authoritative
Aaron Legan youthful, hip, and warm
Bennet Lubin mature, classic and diverse
Kevin Machado powerful and authoritative but with real warmth
Bryan Main a powerful voice with drive and versatility
Tony Martin smoky, hip, edgy, yet authoritive
Dave Mason friendly, gentle to hard-sell
John Matthew Characters
Commercial - authentic, approachable and credible
Pat Matthews as per YOUR direction
Norm McBride warm, friendly, real
Corporate Narration
Mike McCafferty recognizable, youthful appeal
Mark McClure deep, resonate, and rugged
Scott McShane Animation
Joseph Narducci youthful, comedic, energetic and edgy
Jason Pullman Commercial - youthful, edgy, and fun
Narration - young, hip, and driven
Ron Rogge Commercial
Gabriel Romero Commercial - deep, velvety with a Latin accent
Eric Rubalcava young and hip and fun but also commanding
Rich Rubin Animation - hilarious and versatile
Commercial - hip, edgy, and fun
Jerry Stanley warm, personable and sophisticated
Ryan Schulze young, energetic, and hip
Scott Sena a bright, positive, enthusiastic voice that is also reassuringly credible
Jon St. John Characters - funny, artistic take-offs
Commercial - all-around, wide range of voices
Tom Swanson warm and smooth as silk
John Thoms versatile, edgy and smooth
Sterling Young Commercial
Narration - deep, comedic and smooth
Brian Vestal playful, eager, guy next door
Michael Villani Commercial - extremely versatile, can really sell
Narration - smooth, corporate, believable
Brad Vinikow smooth, believable, compelling